Anne Hernandez was born in Gueydan, Lousiana (the Duck Capital of America) and is now a noted Houston artist.

"People who love the Village and The Heights are always charmed by the folk art masterpieces by Anne Reese Hernandez, West U's own resident gypsy artist...'I paint from experience and life,' says Reese-Hernandez. "I use a lot of color, and I paint the things I like - flower shops, old houses, store windows."

- Beverly Denver Bennett

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  "Blending the simple forms of Grandma Moses and the pointilism of Suerat, her paintings reflect how strongly the past draws this artist.

Settings are of porches, sunrooms, tea rooms, and streets of a gentler and less hurried time. The clothing is often based on her own extensive collection of vintage clothing."

- Taylor Patterson



  "Her paintings reveal stages in her own life, in the lives of those dear to her, and places she has grown to love. Reese-Hernandez has done a series of paintings of the Rice Hotel and the Shamrock Hotel as well as scenes of old-fashioned stores in the Village near Rice University."

- Taylor Patterson






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