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2008 Houston CitySearch - Venus Hair voted #1 Best Affordable Haircut

  2006 Houston CitySearch - Venus Hair voted Best Hair Salon and Best Color & Highlights
  Bayou City Arts Festival
  Beans Barton
  Beans Barton on YouTube:

Early Work

Functional Art

Wear Your Art Like Heaven

CD Covers & Book Illustrations


Beans Barton & the Bi-Peds


    Beans Barton and the Bi-Peds
Constant Billy
  Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
  David A. Lee, M.D., FACS - Houston Plastic Surgeon
Fitzgerald's - Live and Loud Since 1977!
  Hair Archives
  Hair Ball at the Meridian 2005 - Photos by Satyr
  Heights First Saturday
Houston Press: 10 Copy Art Magazine
  Houston Roller Derby
  Howdy from Helltown, Texas - Homepage for Herschel Berry, local rocker
Lips and the Trips
Museum of Cultural Arts Houston
  Houston Artist Beans Barton
  Pics by Satyr - 2005 Hair Ball at the Meridian
Real Tiddies Sandals are available again and manufactured right here in Houston!
  Reverand Bryan's Wacky Wild Weddings
  Tribal Lillies - Houston's newest Tribal Belly Dance Troupe

2009 Art Car Parade
  22nd Annual Houston Art Car Parade
  Art Cars in Houston!
  Art Cars 2009
  Art Car Weekend 2009
  Art Car Preview for the Houston Art Car Parade
  Denaldo's 2009 Art Car Weekend Photos
  Kritquilt's Photo Stream
  2009 Art Car Parade Winners
  2009 Houston Art Car Parade on FlickR
  2009 Art Car Parade on FlickR
  Tom Kennedy Viking Funeral

2008 Art Car Parade
  2008 Art Car Parade Pictures - Powered by SmugMug
  Links to More 2008 Art Car Photos
  Denaldo's 2008 Art Car Photos
  Houston Art Car Parade 2008
  Ed Schipul's Photos from Tom Jones Memorial
  Kristin2Go - How Cool Is Your Car?
  Houston Art Car Parade Slideshow - Part One
  Houston Art Car Parade Slideshow - Part Two
  Memorial Will Honor Art Curator's Humor
  Swamp Mutha - Houston Art Car Parade 2008
  Tom Mitchell Jones
  Tom Mitchell Jones - More Photos
  Tom Jones - He Never Met A Stranger

2007 Art Car Parade
  Nicole Strine and Shattered Vanity
  Galaga Gal's Slideshow
  Denaldo's Photos
  Lasterblaster1's Pictures

2006 Art Car Parade
  Art Car Ball at the Meridian 2006 - Photos by Satyr
  Houston Art Car Weekend - 2006 - Hundreds of pics from 2006 by Paula Wirth
  Alternative Cars Indeed - A Parade for Whatever Moves You - NY times coverage of 2006 parade
  Paul McRae's WACD 2006 Photos

2005 Art Car Parade
  2005 Art Car Ball - by Satyr
  2005 Art Car Parade - by Kymberlie R. McGuire
  The Orange Show - 2005 Art Car Weekend
  Webshots Photo Album - 2005 Houston Art Car Parade

More Art Car Links
  Art Car Central
  20 of the World's Most Awesome Art Cars

Art Car Museum - 140 Heights Blvd., Houston, TX  77007



  Art in High Gear
Another Houston Art Car Excursion
  Art Car Photo Album
  Austin Art Car Pictures
  The Bel-Jon Car - In 1956, Nikos Bel-Jon designed his 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Coupe
  Cars as Art  by Andrei Codrescu
  Dr. Strange McCain Bus - in loving memory of Tom Kennedy
    Draka the Dragon
  Envisionary Design
  Four Hoursemen of the Apocalypse - Envy Magazine, August 2006
      Houston Art Car Klub
  Machete Betties Roller Derby Art Car
  More Pics from Paul McRae
  Nicole's Brain
  Seattle Art Car Blowout 2009
  The Orange Show
  The Pen Guy
  Travelogue of the BugWing's journey to the 2005 Art Car Parade in Houston, along with some cool pics! The BugWing was one of the First Place winners! BugWing's homepage is here!

YouTube Art Car Videos
  Jeff's Tour of The Orange Show - Part 1
  Jeff's Tour of The Orange Show - Part 2
  Jeff's Tour of The Orange Show - Part 3
  Jeff's Tour of The Orange Show - Part 4
  Jeff's Tour of The Orange Show - Part 5
The Von Tiki

Art Car Fest - The West Coast's Largest Gathering of Art Cars
Art Car Links
Art Car Webring Home Page
     Bug Wing
       Burning Man - Art Cars on the Playa
        The Camera Van
David P. Stephens - Painter of Maritime Life
Extremo the Clown Art Car 
Kelly's Art Car
Kelly's Spot Grrraphics, Inc.
  Pakistan's Decorated Vehicles - These are incredible. You have to see them to believe them! - This site has many excellent photos from various art car parades and festivals.
S.A.N.E. - Society of Artcars in New England
  Serious Wheels - Welcome to Serious Wheels, the Internet source for high-quality classic car pictures, wallpapers, and information.
The Art Car Parade, Minneapolis, Minnesota
The California Mojo Car
The Incredible Motorized Couch - A Tale of Gasoline, Upholstery and True Love
     TopCat's Whimsy
Undersea Mah Jongg  - A Cool Art Car
World Artcar Day, 2005   - Pics from World Art Car Day. (More pics here: pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4, pic5, pic6)
  World's Largest Collection of World's Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things - Erika Nelson's Traveling Roadside Attraction and Museum

  Animator vs. Animation
  Stuff On My Cat
  "7 Cats" - A great little cat movie
Cat Fancier's Website
  Cat House On The Kings - This one will warm your heart! - Where every cat has a web page - Where every dog has his day, I mean web page!
  Christmas Tree Decoration by Fluffytails
  FunPic - Best Collection of funny, cute, crazy and interesting pictures and videos

Genie's Photo Albums: Some great pet photos Cow Parade Houston 2001 - pt. 1; Cow Parade Houston 2001, pt. 2; Art Car Weekend, 2005.

  The Infinite Cat Project - Feline movies and animations
Rate My Kitten
  Mean Kitty - online since 1999!

  Cute Overload
  Kim Ritter's Notions on Art
  Incredible Singing Horse Quartet
Women Of Our Time: Twentieth Century Photographs from the National Portrait Gallery


Art Car Gallery


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