Venus Hair and Vogue

at Heights Festival  Parade


Venus Hair was featured in Vogue magazine!

Click here to read the article.



This is the beautiful float receiving last minute touches from the creative Susans. These two were definitely not expecting a downpour.

These pictures are totally deceiving to all who think that this day went by so perfectly.  Little did we know that this pretty sky would soon turn gray.  During the parade the sky opened the flood gates of heaven. It began to rain at the beginning of the parade. All of a sudden "BOOM" there was thunder, lightning, and chaos.  As the Susans scrambled to save the do's they realized that they would be okay with all of the hairspray that was holding these do's up.  Even after this sudden downpour the do's were all right. Thank goodness that they were, because all of the other floats were looking a little eh?  Well, things turned out great for Venus and Romeo. They won 2 first place trophies.  Also the weather showed that their guarantee of Bullet Proof hair really was genuine.  : )  



This is the "Power Hair" of 1996! 

Be Aware these do's are crucial!



"The Vogue"


"5ft Beehive"  

"Swamp Thing"



"The French Twist From Hell" is on the tandem, with the first "Vermillion". "The 5ft Beehive" is on the barber chair, "Swamp Thing" and "Vogue" are standing. Looks like these incredible women's do's are about to have a party of their own.



  All of these hairdos can be found at Venus Hair  



Look! We got trophies! 

Best Theme and Most Unusual Artwork



  This was October of 1995, the first year that Venus did the Vogue themed float. On the van window you can see the article that was written in Vogue Magazine about Big Hair and our adventures at the Hair Ball    



This is the amazing 5ft beehive



5ft Beehive sitting pretty



Hair Ball 1995

These pictures were taken at the 1995 Hair Ball. They were also featured in Vogue Magazine (click here to read the Vogue article).









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