Three Chicks on Wheels

  Our one creation that started all of this beautiful madness which lies within the walls of Venus Hair, Vermillion is a mannequin that was created by hairstylist and artist Susan Venus.  Vermillion started out as a simple head on the back of a tandem bicycle. She soon grew with the artistic thoughts of creator Susan Venus. Venus loves the color red. There is no doubt about that, as you can see Vermillion is gifted with luscious red locks of hair.


  Look,  it's a bird, it's a plane, it''s.... Wait! Isn't that Venus's 3 chicks on Wheels? What are they doing out so late? These chicks are out for a night on the town. But like all women say "The night is young so why not go to Venus's so we can look our best!!"


  Getting ready for the big parade. What they don't know is that inside we are all becoming red heads with bursting  turquoise stars coming out of our do's!  


  Pictured here is "The Vogue."  She was created with lots of hairspray and many combs. I wonder how many combs they lost in there? But anyway as I was saying this magnificent do was featured in Vogue Magazine, that's really how it received the name "The Vogue." 
It was specially made for the editor of Vogue magazine - she wore it to the Hair Ball.  This is a very beautiful hairdo that started out as a old construction safety helmet. Just imagine what you could do?    


They are pictured at the Harold's on 19th while on the go.  They decided to hit the road and show off their do's. Look at the great rear view. (Talking about their Hair)  


  Here we all are riding the float! Oh how much FUN! It was really cool but at the same time hot. Some of the girls joked about the sun and how they wished it was cooler but yet how cool it was that they got to be in the parade even though it was really hot.  


The Famous 3 Chicks on Wheels are pictured. They are known as "The 5ft. Beehive" "The Vogue" and  "Vermillion"  named in the order they appear.  : )  
    These are the wild, fun, crazy & creative creations of the stylists Susan Venus and her friend Susan Romeo. The "Susans" are known as "Venus" and "Romeo." They love to create crazy do's and bullet-proof hair is definitely their specialty!!


  Our float for the annual Heights Festival. We've won many trophies for all of our many creations here at Venus Hair. We love to take our creativity and do something good with it. : )  


  Here we are riding on the float in the parade, and just take a closer look to notice that at the request of the artist we all have RED hair. : )  


  The 3 Chicks look their best in the parade after a very hard morning of teasing, combing and bulletproofing these do's with tons of Super Hold hair spray!  


  Here we are posing for a picture after waiting in the hot sun for hours with all this big red hair! This was a very cool opportunity for all of us. All of the girls said that it was very fun!  


  Here  we are posing looking good for the camera. Look at all these beautiful women!!!  Geeze!  I never thought there could ever be so many together at once!?  Anyways I'll quit babbling on about nothing, so here we are posing in front of our soon to be First Place float!  We received trophies for first place in "Best Theme" and "Most Unusual Artwork" indeed anyone knows that for unusual artwork Venus's is surely the place to go.     


Just a Little Reminder from Venus, Ahem! *Cough* *Cough* okay here goes.

"Just remember there sure is a lot of excitement and crazy stuff in the world of artist Susan Venus, but that is just one of my passions. I love creating and enduring all of the attention I receives while out for a drive, taking care of business, or just even being at work. If you also want to see a lots of my other crazy collectables come to my beauty shop in the Heights. Just drop by for a visit, and guaranteed you will never be the same. ( In a GOOD way)"                

 "Now ya'll come back now ya hear?"


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